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Builder Website Design


Builder Website Design

The cost to build and host this Builder Website Design just £10 per month. The only other cost is the one time £50 setup fee. There are no any other costs or any hidden charges involved and you only start paying if you are happy with the website. The website will also come with its own password protected control panel so that you can edit your website at anytime and a website manager will be assigned to you in case you need any help.

There is no long term contract so you can stay with us for as long or as short as you would like.

Every Builder Website Design is unique, and your website should reflect that individuality. At Builder Designs, we create websites that provide effective, measurable online solutions customized just for you and your company. Our team knows the industry, and knows how to convert passive visitors into active buyers. Think of Builder Designs as your programmer, web designer, and online marketer, all rolled into one.

Who says a builder or construction company website design can’t be engaging and effective? When crafted with the user experience in mind, coupled with proper planning, a builder website can not only be effective at driving business and home owners to take action – it can downright be the MOST effective tool in your business’ marketing arsenal. Developing a new Builder Website Design is, in some ways, similar to constructing a custom home or office building. The project needs to be planned out, identifies and takes into account all the stakeholders, defines what will make the project a success and most importantly define and set expectations.

Different Builder Website Design for Different Purposes

As you know a commercial space or office building is not constructed in the same way as a house – there are different rules, codes, and people involved. Similarly, a website for a construction company should not look like a website for a magazine or a mom and pop store. To this post, I will share with you some of the elements that are unique to the construction industry and what to keep in mind to avoid getting a cookie-cutter website.

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15th September 2018